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Why I setup a Leadership coaching business

My story starts with a courageous goal...

So how did I become a leadership coach? It all started with a courageous goal of making a bigger impact. Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Nepal, after University, I realised that not everyone gets the same start in life. This sparked a desire to lead a life that makes a difference.

I worked my way up the career ladder within Social Housing, driven by my passion to improve people’s lives – heading up the Senior Management team, leading multi-disciplinary departments, and delivering large scale transformation projects. I’ve enjoyed 14 years of senior level business experience in the not for profit sector.

Life doesn’t always follow the path you expect it to.

Whilst on maternity leave I lost my partner to cancer. Rather than being bitter, angry and resentful that the life we had planned was no longer a possibility I made a choice – to become more resilient, be more self aware and move forward with a positive mindset. 

This greater awareness and the realisation that we don’t always have the luxury of time made me question whether I was making a big enough impact. Whether I could do more, be more. 

I decided to make the leap.

Throughout my career I’ve enjoyed coaching and motivating individuals and developing high performing teams. I love helping people unlock their potential. So I decided to qualify as an Executive Coach and setup a leadership coaching business. This allows me to make an impact on you, your team, your organisation.

I don’t want to stop there though.

As I realised in Nepal, not everyone gets the same start in life. That’s painfully true for young people in care. Most of them are in care due to neglect or abuse.  

Young people leaving care are vulnerable. They don’t have a support network. They have lower educational attainment levels, higher levels of self harm and mental illness. They are also at a greater risk of criminal exploitation. 

Mentoring for care leavers results in reduced isolation, improvements in mental health, increased engagement in education, skills development and better employment prospects.  

Thank you. Why am I thanking you? You make those outcomes possible. A percentage of ‘Coach The Difference’ profits fund mentoring for care leavers via Caudwell Youth.

Make The Difference

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"Debbie is very skilful in her approach to coaching, she sets the scene, ensures you are relaxed and focuses on asking great, deep questions to get you talking about your aspirations in life and your career. In my case, where I am in search for a new role, Debbie helped me to explore my career passions and how that should be presented to potential employers. It was a great session, which led me to many changes in my approach and left me full of positivity."
Gary Marsh
Programme Manager