Executive Coaching, Team Coaching & Career Transition

Helping individuals and teams realise their full potential and supporting workplaces in enabling them to thrive

Empowering leaders, organisations and the community

I’m passionate about enabling leaders to become more effective, not only benefitting, themselves, their teams and their organisation, but also the wider community. 

So often it’s our own fears which hold us back from reaching our full potential. Maybe you’re leading a team and are struggling to delegate, due to a fear of losing control, or you’re not progressing in your career, because you’re scared of stepping out of your comfort zone.

How does coaching help?

Coaching gives you a safe space to explore what’s holding you back. In a coaching session you can be honest about your fears, biases and frustrations. 

When you have time to think, it helps you to see more clearly. 

I’m there to truly listen. To hear what you’re saying, just as much as what you’re not saying. To ask you the questions which help you to uncover what’s holding you back and what will help you move forward with confidence.

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Executive Coaching

Focused on helping you to improve your effectiveness as a leader

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Team Coaching

Supports individuals and teams to improve performance

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Career Transition

Enables you to gain clarity and confidence on the way forward

What's 'The Difference'?

Not everyone gets the same start in life. I believe that together we can dismantle the barriers which stop people from reaching their full potential. So I share my profits with, Caudwell Youth,  a charity which provides mentors for vulnerable young care experienced people.

What’s missing is the support network. I want to change that. 

make the difference

Invest in yourself and your future. You will make a difference to your own life and the lives of others.

"Debbie has the ability to pull all the threads together, while helping me to gain clarity, confidence and a deeper understanding of my values. In our coaching time together, I don't feel like I am being forced through a coaching model, it just flows. I enjoyed being challenged by Debbie and had lots of light bulb moments I continue to work with today."
Rowley Maggs
International Consultant
"Just had such a great executive coaching session with Debbie! She really challenged my self-assumptions and ensured I committed to my self-development!"
Karen Ironside
Projects Director