A career coach can stop you feeling lost

Career Coach – Are They Worth The Money?

Are you looking for a new role? Or a career change? When you’re contemplating a change in career it can be overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for a new role by choice, or due to redundancy it can be difficult to know which direction to take. A career coach can help you gain the clarity you need more quickly. 

Going around in circles

Prior to using my career coaching services, clients have said that they ‘feel like they’re going around in circles.’ They are endlessly scrolling through job boards and LinkedIn, debating between different roles. Not knowing which roles to apply for, so not applying for anything. They begin to feel like they’ll never find the right job and their confidence starts to drop. 

Going in the wrong direction

Other career coaching clients have said that they’re getting interviews, but they ‘feel like they’re going in the wrong direction’ because something doesn’t feel quite right. So they feel like all the hard work that they’re wasting time filling out application forms and preparing for interviews. 

Successful job search strategy

A successful job search strategy starts with a greater awareness of yourself. As a career coach my role is to work in partnership with you, to help you identify what you need from your next role. Through coaching I enable you to articulate the unique combination of values, strengths, skills and experience that you have to offer. Having this greater self awareness brings clarity to your job search. You can stop going around in circles as you know which roles are right for you.


By matching companies and roles against the criteria that you develop, you won’t feel like you’re going in the wrong direction. The culture will fit with your values. The role will play to your strengths. When you reach the interview stage you are confident in what you can offer the company.

“Debbie was extremely professional, demonstrated good communication and matched her style to my needs. She effectively got me to recognise my situation, what I have achieved and learnt, and how to find a way forward. At the end of the session I had an action plan and clarity. I would highly recommend “Coach the Difference” if you are stuck and need someone to take the burden from you to give you a moment to stand back to reflect and review. With her help you, and your willingness, you will find a way forward. Good luck.” – Lucy Milton

Is a career coach worth the money?

You might be feeling unsure about asking for help due to pride. You may be thinking ‘Surely I can figure this all out myself?’ The truth is, that a lot of us need help to see beyond how we see ourselves. I provide a safe space for you to talk openly. As a coach I’ve been trained to work with you to identify your values, strengths, skills and experience. 

I don’t guarantee you a job. I am however, dedicated to your success. You will gain confidence, clarity on your goal and how to get there.  Yes, there is a cost to career coaching, but when we spend so much of our time at work it’s a worthwhile investment.

“Debbie is very skilful in her approach to coaching, she sets the scene, ensures you are relaxed and focusses on asking great, deep questions to get you talking about your aspirations in life and your career. In my case, where I am in a search for a new role, Debbie helped me to explore my career passions and how that should be presented to potential employers. It was a great session, which led me to many changes in my approach and left me full of positivity.” – Gary Marsh

I offer a range of career coaching support. All packages start with a free 30 mins discovery call. You can see if I’m the right coach for you and I can learn more about your goal.

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