A few words about

What we do


What do you gain from coaching?

My focus is on achieving positive change and results for you. My coaching encourages reflection, greater self awareness and personal growth. This leads to increased professional effectiveness and improved performance. 


We’ll start with a free 30 mins discovery call.

I develop a bespoke coaching programme tailored to your needs. So this call helps me to gain an understanding of your goals for the coaching. If you’re not entirely clear, don’t worry, we can talk it through.

It’s really important that you feel comfortable with me, so it’s also your chance to see whether I’m the right coach for you.

We will then work together over a period of 6 regular 1:1 coaching sessions. 

  • In between the sessions you may have actions that you’d like to take forward, or short reflection exercises to try.
  • Alternatively, if you’re not looking for a full coaching programme I offer Power Hours.

Due to Covid restrictions all my sessions are being provided online, using Zoom.

I offer a 10% discount for those who have been made redundant, are on furlough or maternity leave.

my approach

My role is to work in partnership with you to help you unlock your potential. 

You have a unique combination of values, strengths, skills and experience. You will gain clarity about who you are, your strengths, just how capable you are and what might be holding you back. 

If your life feels out of balance, juggling precious priorities we’ll identify ways to balance your priorities. 

I will help you develop your vision of what’s possible and support you in creating a plan to achieve your goals. 

At the end of the coaching you will have gained clarity and confidence, ready to reach your full potential and live a more fulfilled life.

I am an AoEC Accredited Associate Executive Coach and a member of the Association for Coaching. I align with their codes of ethics. I have professional indemnity insurance. 

"Deborah helped me to focus, build confidence, and capability on why I had decided to start my own business. She has an amazing ability to encourage self exploration, dive deep into your own desires, fears and dreams and how to piece them together. This in turn brought me clarity to my business and my offering. Deborah has a calm, intuitive and humble presence. I would recommend her highly at any journey of your business."
Emilie Heinonen
Interior Architect - Workplace Consultant